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Extreme mask making a HOW TO guide for HUMANS ?

Posted in Uncategorized on June 18, 2010 by Chris Russell

I caught up with my fiendish friends from HORROR HOTEL a couple months ago at MASK FEST . The last time I saw these ghouls was a few years ago when I actually visited and spent the night IN Horror Hotel.  What a fun time that was. I did actually get some sleep but that’s a story for a different day.

During my most recent encounter with the beast I got  a copy of David Lady’s new book ,  MASK MAKING: A HOW-TO GUIDE FOR HUMANS. I have finished reading the book and I am writing this blog today for all of you who email me saying ” I want to learn how to get started doing this, or  how can I get started on the cheap, or how can I make my own mask, or HOW TO ___ ?  This book has the answers suitable not only for beginner mask makers but has content for advanced career artist also.  There are lots of tips and tricks, photos through out the book  and weird-o ramblings directly from the mind of a madman.

Maybe you DONT plan to try and make a mask yourself  but have often wondered how much work REALLY goes into this art ? This book gives an inside look into how its done. Entertainment AND Education for only $13.13 USD.  David is now selling the book on ebay, click the photo below to visit his auction !

ALSO if you are a mask collector:  visit the LATE DR LADY SHOW website and order David’s NEW DVD of Monstrous mask photo archives. There are over 3000 masks featured on this dvd.  There are a handful of masks that I made featured in the various areas of the DVD ! Also in some of the sketches on the disc I made the hands that the person in the Beast of blood costume is wearing. I STILL have not finished watching the whole DVD yet, but soon…. soon. click the DVD cover below to visit the website and get your copy now !